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School Council

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We are a group of 28 pupils, who are elected by our classes to represent them. There are two representatives, one boy and one girl, from every class. Four representatives have extra responsibilities as members of the executive committee; this includes our chairperson, our vice-chairperson, our secretary and our treasurer. 


Executive Committee


Chairperson ~ Maggie


Vice-Chairperson ~ Katie


Secretary ~ Courtney


Treasurer ~ Finnley


Class Representatives



RB Balin & Imogen

RT Haydon & Millie

1Z Niall & Daria

1FG Josh & Ellie

2S Hanua & Phoebe

2P Ryan & Laura

3M Finley & Erin

3L Tyler & Emily

4H Alexander & Courtney

4K Sebastian & Ellie

5E Harry & Maggie

5G Luke & Peta

6H Bailey & Katie

6B Finnley & Grace



We meet most weeks to discuss issues arising from class council discussions, or wider issues brought to us by the staff.


We have a very exciting year ahead of us!


Autumn Term

Our elections were held to choose class representatives and the executive committee roles.
We had training with Miss Price to understand our roles and responsibilities.

We have discussed lunchtimes and how we can improve them for the whole school – this has meant asking our classes for feedback and then delivering that feedback to the rest of the council.

We have discussed the meaning of the new R – Respect and how this can be shown by pupils, staff and visitors around our school.

This led us onto thinking about how we can look after playground equipment too.


Spring Term


We have designed a special menu to encourage more children to have school dinners.

We have spent some of our budget on new wet playtime games including sentence board games, social skills board games and maths problem solving activities.

We have introduced a new suggestions box as part of our school council display, this gives children and staff the opportunity to make suggestions or give us feedback and we can then review the ideas at our meetings.

Miss Russell asked us to consider the rules we have for behaviour in our school, ready for them to go in the new prospectus. We decided that it was important to incorporate the new R – Respect into them where possible.