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St Peter's School Values

St Peter’s School Values


“Ask parents what they want their children to be when they leave school.  They say: to be happy and responsible, to know about respect, truth and honesty, and to be caring.”

Dr. Neil Hawkes

Founder of the International Values-based Education Trust


Our vision at St.Peter’s is to inspire every child to be happy, confident, self-motivated and resilient so they achieve personal success and make a positive contribution to society.

To promote this vision we have defined the school values which underpin day to day life at St.Peter’s;


  • Fairness: We act without bias and provide equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Honesty: We always tell the truth, whilst showing respect for the feelings of others.
  • Teamwork: We work together to achieve shared goals.
  • Ambition: We work hard to achieve our aspirations and never give up.
  • Care: We look after each other, ourselves and our environment.
  • Respect: We are thoughtful and considerate to ourselves, others and the environment.


Values are principles that drive behaviour and apply equally to every member of St.Peter’s community – children, staff, parents, visitors and governors. As well as teaching them through assemblies and general school life we also expect every adult to model the school values.  For example, we expect every adult to demonstrate respect for children and other adults in the same way we would expect children to show respect to each other and to all adults. By making them explicit we are inviting parents to support us in demonstrating these values when working with the school to ensure every child – and adult - receives a really positive school experience.


We believe that teaching and modelling the school values will support children to develop the positive attitudes and behaviour required for each of them to fulfil their true potential, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually, both during their time at school and in their life ahead. To make things as ‘child-friendly’ as possible the School Council are working on developing some ‘Values Characters’ (e.g. Captain Care) to help us when we teach the meaning of the values to younger children.


As part of our values-led approach we have developed a list of memorable experiences every child will have the opportunity to experience on their journey through St.Peter’s. 



St Peter’s CE Primary and Nursery School

Memorable Year Group Educational Experiences


As part of our values-led approach to preparing children for their lives beyond school every child at

 St.Peter’s will experience the following memorable activities as they move through our school. 


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term



  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Cook on a camp fire


  • Hatch chicks
  • Grow fruit and vegetables


  • Have a water fight! Throw water bombs!
  • Jump through a sprinkler
  • Hatch caterpillars and set the butterflies free



  • Make a forest den


  • Take part in an educational visit, e.g. Visit a castle (link to topic – wizards, witches, princesses)
  • Prepare food for a picnic and eat it outside



  • Raise money for a charity
  • Go bird spotting
  • Handle a range of unusual animals
  • Watch an outdoor theatre group or film with blankets, etc. (like a drive-in)


  • Learn Indian dancing  
  • Regularly learn things in the outdoor learning environment
  • Attend school swimming lessons
  • Experience a Toy Museum visit
  • Organise and run a KS1 event


  • Climb a huge hill (e.g. Wrekin, iron age fort) and have a picnic at the top
  • Visit the library and get a library card
  • Go on a theatre trip


  • Take part in geocaching – linked to local  History unit and Geography fieldwork
  • Receive specialised pedestrian training


  • Take part in a residential overnight stay - 1 night
  • Use a knife to whittle a stick in the forest
  • Create an art exhibition


  • Seeing cows being milked
  • Learning to play the glockenspiel


  • Visit a planetarium, look at a starry sky and identify the constellations
  • Learn Basic First Aid
  • Visit a Roman fortress


  • Learn to play a folk whistle
  • Take the £10 challenge


  • Spend time away from home on an adventurous activities residential visit
  • Visit a mosque
  • Handle exotic wild animals - Animal Man experience


  • Take part in a Y6 Legacy Project
  • Organise School Fete fundraising activities


  • Build a snowman
  • Take part in a snowball fight


All children will experience the following activities every year

Visit a farm

Perform in a play or singing festival

Learn a new sport

Visit a place of worship

Learn to cook (minimum 12 hours)

Learn outdoors

Plant, tend and harvest crops

Visit the library

Take part in