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The Autism Spectrum - Tools for Transitions - Spectra - Tuesday 12th March 9.15am - 12noon

The Autism Spectrum: Tools for Transitions

Jane Bannington & Val Jones

Tuesday 12th March 2019 9.15am – 12noon

Aimed at Teachers and Teaching Assistants.


Children and young people on the autism spectrum can find transitions challenging. This may be transitions within the day, week, yearly, to new schools or to new places. This course enables participants to develop a greater understanding of why transitions can cause anxiety in individuals with autism. Through building up a ‘tool box’ of transition support approaches, this course shares a range of strategies that can be used to try to decrease anxiety and ease transitions.


£50 per delegate.

Refreshments included.


For further information about this course please contact Val Jones, Director of Spectra, on 07717575362 or email vj@spectraautism.com


To book please contact Richard Hunter on:

01939 232292