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Common Sense: Understanding the Senses - Spectra - Tuesday 22nd October - 9.15am to 12noon

Common Sense: How understanding the senses supports successful inclusion & intervention for children and young people with ASD and ADHD

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 (9.15am to 12noon)

Course Leaders:  Lisa Chapman & Luanne Bellis - Spectra


Course details:

Sensory processing needs are widely associated with children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties. Hyper- and hypo-sensitivities are part of the diagnostic criteria for ASD, and hyperactivity is a feature of diagnostic criteria for ADHD. An understanding of the 7 core senses provides a deeper insight into the functional needs of these children. This knowledge can then act as a foundation for successful targeted interventions and strategies, including Sensory Circuits. This course will give attendees a broad overview of current thinking on sensory processing theory, as well as describe tools for assessment and give practical ideas for intervention. Knowledge of sensory processing can then successfully feed in to the SEN plan-do-review cycle.


£50 per delegate including refreshments.


To book places please contact Richard Hunter at

St Peter’s Learning Centre on

01939-232292, or

email: learning.centre@st-peters.shropshire.sch.uk