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Complaints not in scope of the procedure

Complaints not in scope of the procedure

A complaints procedure should cover all complaints about any provision of facilities or services that a school provides with the exceptions listed below, for which there are separate (statutory) procedures.










Who to contact


• Admissions to schools

• Statutory assessments of Special Educational Needs (SEN)

• School re-organisation proposals

• Matters likely to require a Child Protection Investigation


Concerns should be raised direct with local authorities (LA). For school admissions, it will depend on who is the admission authority (either the school or the LA). Complaints about admission appeals for maintained schools are dealt with by the Local Government Ombudsman.


• Exclusion of children from school



Further information about raising concerns about exclusion can be found at: www.gov.uk/school-discipline-exclusions/exclusions.


• Whistleblowing



Schools have an internal whistleblowing procedure for their employees and voluntary staff. Other concerns can be raised direct with Ofsted by telephone on: 0300 123 3155, via email at: whistleblowing@ofsted.gov.uk or by writing to: WBHL, Ofsted Piccadilly Gate Store Street Manchester M1 2WD. The Department for Education is also a prescribed body for whistleblowing in education.


• Staff grievances and disciplinary procedures



These matters will invoke the school’s internal grievance procedures. Complainants will not be informed of the outcome of any investigation.


• Complaints about services provided by other providers who may use school premises or facilities.


Providers should have their own complaints procedure to deal with complaints about service. They should be contacted direct.