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Developing High Performance Teams

Developing High Performing Teams
Aimed at:
Teaching and Non-teaching Leaders, e.g. Business Managers, SENCOs, Office Managers, TA Team Leaders, Catering Managers and Site Managers in Secondary, Primary, Special Schools and Colleges
2 days
Angela Hannan – Former secondary headteacher & lead facilitator for the National College for School Leadership
Through a mix of input and practical activity participants will have an opportunity to explore their situations, look at theories around building high performing teams, practise key leadership skills and engage in a coaching exercise around current challenging situations.
Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of, and enhanced levels of skills required to build and sustain high performing teams
The course fee includes the cost of a highly useful workbook, published by Hay group, which will build on learning and provide ongoing development and support in the workplace.

'Previous participants on the course found that the learning experience was greatly enriched by the refreshing diversity of roles within the group ranging from teaching team leaders and teaching assistant leaders to kitchen leaders and office team leaders.  By the end of the 2 days there were clearly raised levels of appreciation of each other's critical roles in school and enhanced self-confidence in their own ability to carry out their roles well'.
Course Feedback:
Thank you very much for a very enjoyable, but very useful 2 days. I have learnt so much and feel a lot more confident with my new role.’
Very useful and informative, giving lots of ideas to think about!  I know feel that I can develop as a team leader and ‘lead’ not just ‘manage’ the team. Thank you Angela’.
‘Angela is an excellent facilitator’
‘Very valuable to have an eclectic group of team leaders from different areas of school, to give a more rounded view of the challenges we all face.’
Day 1
9.15 am - Arrival and refreshments
           Session 1 - 9.30 am prompt – exploring how participants’ teams operate currently and how participants would like their teams to operate
Session 2 – Building and sustaining high performing teams
Session 3 – Skills and Qualities of highly effective team leaders
Session 4 – practice of key communication and influencing skills
Session 5 – Individual learning agendas
                In the time between days 1 and 2 participants will work on their learning  agenda, practise new behaviours and gain feedback on leadership impact
Day 2
9.15 am – Arrival and refreshments
Session 1 – 9.30 am prompt – Review of practical learning since Day 1
Session 2 –Accountability, motivation and leading high quality meetings with individuals and teams
Session 3 – Action planning for personal development
  Session 4 – Use of coaching to develop potential in others – opportunity to coach and be coached
             Delegate Price: £250
DayDayD             Day            
DateD                  Date
StartStart           Start        
Finish                   Finish
5 February 2015
9.15 am
3.30 pm*
13 March 2015
9.15 am
3.30 pm*
*given the nature of the final session of the day it is important that participants are able to stay until 15.30.

To book places, please contact Jeanette Gillott at St Peter’s Learning Centre on