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Developing You for the Future 2015-16

Developing You for the Future

School Leaders Coaching Programme


Aimed at:

Senior Leaders



Learning Day will be 9.15am to 4.00pm on Tuesday 22nd September 2015.



Coach in a Box is one of the world's largest providers of coaching, with a global network of coaches in over 50 countries.  They were established in 2005 to enable the delivery of affordable and intelligent, one-to-one coaching at scale. They offer confidential support which focuses on the needs of individuals and their organisations and which does not require taking time out of school.

Coach in a Box are proud to have worked with over 50 learning-focused agencies to help education professionals to fulfill their own potential and to do even better work with the children and young people in their classrooms.



The “Developing You for the Future” programme has been specifically created to support school leaders through the leadership shifts required by their role in the context of their individual school or schools.

The “Developing You …” Programme takes school leaders through a professional development curriculum over a 4-6 month period, supported by four telephone coaching sessions with a personal coach.


For full details of the course see the pdf file below.


Delegate Price:

£550 covers the whole programme and includes refreshments during sessions held at Darwin Teaching School and St Peter’s Learning Centre.







22nd September 2015




Please note that the Learning Day on the 22nd September will now be held at the Darwin Teaching School with a location map available below.


To book places, please contact Jeanette Gillott at St Peter’s Learning Centre on 
01939 232292 or email learning.centre@st-peters.shropshire.sch.uk

Full course description and printable pdf