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Does your child have a medical condition that we need to be aware of?



Medical Conditions


If your child has Asthma or any other medical conditions please inform a member of staff so that we can help support your child during the Nursery day.


 If your child has Asthma please inform the School as soon

as possible so that we can support your child during the school day.


You will be asked to complete four forms:


1. Asthma Healthcare Plan

2. Parental agreement to administer medicine

3. Request for a child to carry their own Medicine

4. Parental consent to administer the School Emergency Salbutamol Inhaler


These completed forms will help us to understand your child's specific needs and also provide us with emergency contact details


School Emergency Salbutamol Inhaler


From 1st October 2014 the Human Medicines Regulations 2014 will allow schools to keep a ‘Salbutamol’ inhaler for use in emergencies.

This will be used for any pupil with asthma or who has been prescribed an inhaler as a reliever medication.

This can only be used if the pupils prescribed inhaler is not available.


If your child is on our Asthma Register and we have a Healthcare plan in place for them we ask that you also give your permission for the Emergency inhaler to be administered should the occasion arise.

Yours sincerely


Miss F Russell

Head Teacher

Please print the paperwork below and complete before returning

to the School office if your child has Asthma.

Thank you