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Effective Assessment without Levels

Course Title: Effective Assessment without Levels

Techniques to support assessment of learning and for learning beyond the use of levels.


Audience: Middle leaders and class teachers.


Course Leader: Dr Steven Taylor


Course Content: The course will focus on the development of a range of strategies to support day-to-day and periodic assessment across the curriculum. Consideration will be given to how effective questioning can enhance the breadth and depth of pupils’ learning. Emphasis will be placed on the cognitive domain and the use of a revised taxonomy to support the assessment of ‘fluency’ and ‘mastery’.

The course will provide participants with:

  • a range of strategies, for use with (and by) pupils and staff, to develop higher order and critical thinking, including:

    • Socratic Questioning;

    • 7W Questioning;

    • ‘What’s the answer?’

    • Odd-one-out;

    • ‘Three Storey Questioning’;

  • opportunities to explore how these strategies can be used, in subject specific and cross-curricular planning and delivery, to:

    • broaden and deepen the curriculum;

    • support development of the cognitive domain;

    • assist in the development of ‘mastery’;

  • consider how a revised taxonomy might be used to support assessment and plot pupil progress, beyond the use of levels


Cost: £100


Dates and Duration:

 Tuesday 19th January 2016 & Wednesday 24th February 2016

 2 half-days (9.30-12.30) with action research gap task.



To book places, please contact Jeanette Gillott at St Peter’s Learning Centre

on 01939 232292 or email learning.centre@st-peters.shropshire.sch.uk