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Extra Curriculum Clubs - Autumn 2019


We are

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of clubs for children again this term.

Some are led by school staff, and free, while some are led by

specialist coaches who charge a small fee for each session.


Clubs will start in the week beginning Monday 20th January and the

last clubs will take place in the week beginning Monday 23rd March.


There will be no clubs in the week beginning Monday 16th March

as this is the week in which parents’ evenings take place.


For practical reasons the number of children able to attend each club is limited.

If a club is oversubscribed we will allocate places on a first come first served basis

and anyone who is unable to attend will be given priority if another child drops out.

Extra Curricular Clubs


If a club is cancelled for any
reason we will text you.

 If you don't receive the text we will look
after your child until the normal pick-up time

We are able