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Hedgehog Tunnel


We put a hedgehog tunnel in the forest area. There were lots of prints so we used the id sheet from Shropshire Wildlife Trust to find out what had eaten the food. We think a cat and a weasel visited, but no hedgehogs!




Alfie B – we put it outside and animals came and ate the food at night time.

Billy – we put it outside and we had some food and paper in it and some animals that eat cat food comes and gets it.

Isaac – we put it in the garden, we put leaves on to keep it hidden.

Hayden – we put paint on it, we mixed paint and oil and used a paintbrush.

Megan – the animals made the footprint. I think it was a hedgehog and a cat.

Seren – we wait until we see the footprints in the morning and sometimes there will be and sometimes there won’t be.

Emily – the animal walked across the paper, it stepped in the paint. Once there was no footprints but the food was gone!