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Karen Wilding 2015-16

Karen Wilding is an Independent Primary Maths Consultant working extensively across the UK and internationally


Karen is a highly experienced maths educator and, having worked for over twenty years in the primary classroom with children from the Early Years to Year 6, is acknowledged as an extremely successful teacher in her own right.  Like so many, Karen's own maths education had sadly turned her off this wonderful subject from a young age and it was only later she discovered what is was to be truly successful and thrive on the many fascinating challenges mathematics presents. Karen is driven by her passion to make sure all children to see maths as a meaningful subject with true application in everyday life.


Karen Wilding Education Ltd specialises in supporting schools in building the crucial 'growth mindset' every child needs to foster resilience, resourcefulness and genuine curiosity leading to successful life-long learning in mathematics.

Both through school-based CPD and high quality training courses and conferences, Karen supports senior leaders, teachers, subject leaders, teaching assistants, PGCE students and parents to provide a mathematical environment which engages all children and leads to progress for every learner. All sessions aim to significantly increase levels of mathematical subject knowledge, pedagogical confidence and sheer enjoyment of maths for teachers and their children. 

Karen Wilding Education Ltd: 

  • Holder of the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics) 'Standard’ – awarded following a panel’s rigorous scrutiny of the quality of CPD offered to schools
  • Holder of the NCETM ‘CPD Lead’ accreditation for the new curriculum
  • DFE Expert panel/NCETM co-writer for the new 2014 National Curriculum for Maths support materials
  • PGCE Maths Lead Tutor for West Midlands Consortium based in Telford, West Midlands
  • Current international consultancy work with schools within Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Inspirational trainer with a proven track record of significant school improvement
  • Regular conference speaker at national and international events (including keynote)
  • Confidence-building, practical advice and support which builds long-term, positive relationships
  • Active member (and conference speaker) of mathematics' associations: NCETM, ATM, MA and NAMA
  • Co-writer for the Bahrain National Numeracy Strategy