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Kate Blacklock is an independent science consultant for ‘Primarily Science’.    


 Her teaching experiences have seen her working in the United Kingdom and abroad with various roles including  Deputy Head and Science Subject Leader. She worked as a teacher adviser for Primary Science in ‘Education Excellence’ in Lancashire where she became a senior team leader. She also held the role of Primary Development Leader with the North West Science Learning Centre in Manchester Metropolitan University where she was responsible for the development and delivery of the CPD programme for the National network of Science Learning Centres across the country. She has extensive experience in the delivery of support services including courses, conferences and tailored in-school support.  Kate has presented at local, regional and national and international level providing creative ideas in a wide variety of settings. She is also an active member of the Association for Science Education and has co-written several primary science curriculum materials for Key Stage 1 and 2 including ‘Discovery Dog’, ‘Problem Pup’ and Science Enquiry Games for 4-7 years. She is still excited by the teaching and learning of science!