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Mark Powell - PE Courses 2016

Bookings also being taken for:

The 10 Minute Session - 27th April 2016

Invasion Games & Spacial Awareness - 25th May 2016

Health Related Session - 22nd June 2016


All P.E Courses run from 4pm - 5.30pm

All sessions will be outside - inside provision has been made should the weather be an issue

Cost per delegate £25.00

The 10 minute Session


The idea of the course is that pupils can leave their classroom studies as they are ( maybe just put some trainers on ) and do a very quick activity before being back at their desks 10/15 minutes later. These sessions should raise pupils energy levels, support classroom learning and increase PE and sport provision and support active lifestyles.
I will be showing lots of ideas that delegates can hopefully use under 4 main areas.
1.      Activities to support the development of core skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and spatial awareness/ movement skills and to help embed key skills which allow quicker and more effective progress in a range of sports.
2.      Practically based activities which can support development of literacy and numeracy skills providing a different focus to delivering these two key areas of the curriculum.
3.      Health Related Exercise activities to increase active lifestyles and pupils understanding of how the body works whilst impacting on childhood obesity and heart health.
4.      Activities to develop leadership, teamwork and cooperation skills and develop independent learning.