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Outstanding Leadership in Maths

Outstanding Leadership in Maths

Aimed at:  SLT - Senior Leaders and Maths Subject Leader to attend as a team

- to be attended by the same delegates


Facilitator: Karen Wilding - Education Ltd


'It was fantastic working with you. Your input is exactly what we need. -we have literally turned our Maths thinking upside down! I am so excited about the developments I can see taking place in Maths- you have really inspired us! ' C Hawkins, Head Teacher, St Peters Primary, Edgmond, Shropshire


'Excellent - confidence-building, fluent and professional delivery. This training really took the pressure off coverage and 'box ticking' and helped me re-focus on a slower, deeper, more creative and child-led style of learning. Lots of practical resources and idea. Thank you! ‘ R. Mortishire- Smith, Maths Subject Leader, Cheshire


Outstanding Leadership in Primary Maths

Improving confidence, subject knowledge and pedagogy in mathematics to support and develop exceptional leadership


Four half-day training sessions to support Primary Maths Leaders in bringing about significant positive change to maths teaching across the whole school in-line with the expectations of the new Primary Curriculum


Session 1- ‘Mindset and Maths’: Learn how essential a ‘Growth Mindset’ is to all learning and perhaps especially important in maths. This session will look at how we can transform the beliefs of both our staff and our children and create environments where everyone can succeed. This session will also introduce the subject of ‘Mastery’ in maths.


Sessions 2 and 3 – ‘Number Sense: The Essential Foundation of Calculation’: 

What is ‘Number Sense’ and why is having it so crucial to sustained progress in maths in every key stage? This session will look at the key ‘tools’ we need to arm every learner with to ensure sustained progress across the whole of their primary education. As leaders, our role is to focus upon creating consistent journeys from the EYFS to Year 6 which encourage all teachers and learners to actively build upon what has gone before. Effective questioning and the role of the adult (including TAs) will feature prominently in this session 


Sessions 4 – ‘Embedding all Maths Learning in Engaging Problem Solving’: This session will look at the importance of creating strong, meaningful links between different areas of maths and maths and the real world (Maths Across the Curriculum). As leaders, we can demonstrate how to build a curriculum which focuses upon connections and means there is far less to learn and therefore far less to teach. This fully supports the ‘Mastery’ approach where going ’deeper for longer’ promotes successful learning at every stage.







23rd February 2016

9am - 12pm

St Peter’s Learning Centre


22nd March 2016

9am – 12pm


24th May 2016

9am – 12pm


28th June 2016

9am – 12pm



1 Delegate £280

2 Delegates £400

To book places, please contact Jeanette Gillott at St Peter’s Learning Centre

on 01939-232292 or email learning.centre@st-peters.shropshire.sch.uk