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PE Kit
To participate fully in Physical Education the children must change their clothing. 

They will require:


T-shirt - Navy blue*
Shorts - Navy blue*
Pumps - Black or white


T-shirt - Navy blue*
Shorts - Navy blue*
Pumps or Trainers - Black or White
Soccer boots or old trainers
Tracksuits*  - Grey/Black/Navy (for KS2 only when the weather is cold)
A carrier bag for dirty (muddy) clothes

*Available from the school office


Swimming Kit.  A bathing cap for long hair is very useful

N.B Please do not send PE kits in large cumbersome bags.
With our limited cloakroom space they came become a fire hazard.

It is also asked that all P.E. kits are taken home on Fridays for washing, ready for the following week.
Please ensure all P.E kit is clearly labelled

The wearing of jewellery is not permitted except for wearing wrist watches and/or a single plain stud in each ear, which must for safety reasons be removed by the children themselves before they may take part in any PE activity.  For reasons of safety, security and convenience, the governors and staff would prefer that the children do not wear any studs at school.