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Routine of the Nursery Day

At the Beginning of each Session

Encourage your child to take their coat off and find an available peg. The picture by each peg will help your child to remember where their coat is at the end of the session. Help your child to change their book and encourage them to put them in a book bag and then in the appropriate colour box ready to bring home. Please help your child to find their names and put them in the appropriate box to say whether they are having school dinners or have brought a packed lunch.

Welcome Circle

We join together to talk to our friends, share stories and play games.

Registration and Planning Time

The children register themselves by removing their name from their colour board and placing it in the basket. A formal register is also completed by nursery staff.

In their colour groups the children select an activity or area they would like to learn in by placing their name card in the appropriate pocket on the planning boards.

Busy Time

The children carry out the activity they have planned in the area they have chosen to learn in then move on to subsequent ones. Adults work alongside the children, encouraging them to complete tasks and talk about what they are learning. Adults also plan activities for children to access during the busy time session linked to specific topics and learning intentions. Children are able to access activities both indoors and outside during this time. Fresh fruit, milk and water are all freely available for your child every day.


We also organise a cooking activity every fortnight so that the children learn a range of skills and get to try a variety of foods. Ingredients are expensive so to cover the cost we ask for a voluntary donation of £1.00 each week.

Any excess monies are put towards mending and replacing toys.

Tidy Up Time

This is the time when we encourage children to put away equipment they have been using. Boxes and trays are clearly labelled with words and pictures and with help the children become familiar with the correct places to store equipment. We have an outdoor play store that is easily to get to along a path so that children can become responsible for putting away bikes, scooters and small apparatus etc.

Small Group Time

During small group time children are given the opportunity to work with other Foundation Stage staff and children.

The Foundation Stage staff plan activities for this session which children will experience during the week. Activities could include a counting game, exploration of objects using a magnifying lens, planting seeds, an art activity, a mark making activity, playing musical instruments, role-play for road safety. Each week we plan a review time which gives the children an opportunity to talk about what they have been learning in Nursery. They may have a model, picture or jigsaw they wish to share with the group. This is a good time to develop their speaking and listening skills. The planned activities are available for you to see on the notice board in the entrance.

Whole Group Time

We all join together for songs, number, letter and action rhymes.

Lunch Time

You can send your child with a healthy packed lunch or opt for a hot school meal (currently costing £2) which will be cooked in the school kitchen and brought over to the nursery at lunch time where all the children eat together in a relaxed environment.


Children have opportunities play both indoors and outside

during lunch time and opportunities to rest in the comfy area.

Colour Group Time

The children join their key person in their colour group. It is a time for us to talk, share stories and play games.

At the End of Each Session

The children will collect their coats, and then go back to their key person so that reading book bags, paintings, drawings, letters etc may be given out. Parents are invited into Nursery to collect children.