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The Outstanding Teacher Programme 2013-14

The Outstanding Teacher Programme 2013-14


The Programme:

  • Provides in-depth coaching to deepen teachers’ understanding of outstanding classroom practice.  Participants improve through facilitated practice activities as structured opportunities to reflect on teaching approaches and their quality and impact.
  • Introduces and consolidates new knowledge and skills, and focuses on what makes teaching and learning outstanding.
  • Forms part of the school’s professional development provision as this supports the implementation of agreed best practice and national agendas.
  • Provides strong input on the progression against the professional standards of excellence.  This programme is crucial for teachers involved in developing Leadership in Teaching and Learning.

This programme is open to teachers with the potential and capacity to constantly deliver outstanding lessons.
Applicants need to demonstrate:
  • Strong commitment to teaching and learning and show that they are inspiring individuals with strong interpersonal skills and who are role models for pupils and colleagues
  • At least three years of teaching experience of value added data showing student progress and improving exam results
  • Some external recognition (e.g. Threshold or Ofsted grades) that indicate that they have the ability to become outstanding teachers
  • A commitment to professional development and the ability to truly reflect on their practice, including using student feedback to evaluate the impact of their teaching.
  • Requires delegates to prepare and present at an outstanding level to the whole delegate group for evaluation against DR ICE.
  • Attendance
  • Completion of school tasks

The programme consists of full and half day facilitated sessions over an 8 week period. 

Becky Hughes & Fay McKirgan – Assistant Headteachers at St Peter’s Primary School
Delegate Price:  
£500.00 including refreshments
Day Date Session Start Finish  
Monday 19 May 2014 1 9.15 12.30  
Monday 02 June 2014 2 9.15 4.00 Lunch
Monday 09 June 2014 © 3 + 4 9.15 4.00
Monday 23 June 2014 © 6 9.15 4.00
Friday 04 July 2014 8 9.15 12.30  
Tuesday 15 July  2014 © 10 9.15 1.30 Lunch
Please note: Sessions 5/7 and 9 are in school  
© External Coaches attending
© Internal Coaches to attend

Monday 12 May 2014  4pm – 5pm
Twilight session for Internal Coaches