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What to wear to Nursery

Our children come in school uniform which can be purchased from the school office

– navy blue sweatshirts and cardigans, white polo-shirts, book bags, pump bags, shorts,

T. shirts and hats for summer.


We attempt to keep the children clean whilst doing painting and other activities by providing aprons for them to wear. However, some still seem able to cover themselves or a friend in a variety of colours!!!


Should your child come home with paint or glue on their clothes please soak them in cold water before washing, then the colour comes out easily. Don’t just put the clothes in the washing machine as this fixes the colour!

It would be helpful to your child if all of the clothes that they

may remove were labelled even if it is just written on with a pen.


Please also label their outdoor coats and hats with their names.


No jewellery or nail varnish should be worn at any time during school.